Music That You Can Listen to While Blogging or Writing

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If you’re like me, you need some kind of background music to get you through your blog writing process. However, not all kinds of music can work for this purpose.

I’m going to provide you with a playlist that I’ve personally curated to get me through blogging. I’ll also share playlists from other people that I think will work as background music to enhance your mood while typing.

As a bonus, I’ll also include my personal playlists (favorites) from different genres that you can follow if you find them interesting.

I use Spotify. Here’s the playlist that I listen to while doing any form of writing. I hope you can borrow it.

My Blogging Playlist

I understand that my playlist is a bit of a mix of everything but I hope you like it.

Background Instrumental for Blogging and Writing

If song lyrics distract you, you can opt for instrumentals only. I have just the right playlist for you.

StreamBeats Lo-Fi by Harris Heller. This artist creates music specifically for content creators. You can use his music in your videos or podcasts without worrying about any copyright claims.

If you do videos on YouTube or Twitch you can read my detailed post about StreamBeats which I wrote on my other blog. With that out of the way, here’s a 10-plus hour-long playlist to get you going.

That’s just one type of sound from StreamBeats. They offer a wide variety of genres including Rock, Synthwave, and EDM among others. You can check them out on Spotify or Apple Music.

Songs and Big Hits That You Loved but Have Forgotten About

No matter how old you are, you must have heard and jammed to some of the greatest music hits of the century. Also, artists are churning out new hits every day.

For this reason, we can easily move on from the music we love as we try to keep up with the latest hits.

Here’s a playlist I curated made up of some great songs that you may have forgotten about from different genres and generations.

There’s one particular song on this playlist that I always listen to on repeat—Wind of Change by Scorpion. I have an interesting story regarding this song.

The song came at a time when big changes were happening in the world. Most notably, I associate Wind of Change with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union, and communism in general. The West was winning—a ‘wind of change’!

Let me stop at that before I fall into a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.

My Rock Music Playlist (11+ Hours)

Not relevant to blogging but if you’re a rock music lover—you can have a look and follow my personal rock playlist.

My Highschool Playlist

I tried to remember what I was listening to back then as a teenager and found that my taste in music was quite interesting. Here’s a mix of all the genres that I fancied.

Let me know if you can relate to any of the songs in the comments section. For the record, I was in high school between 2008-2011.

What Do You Listen to When Working or Writing?

I’ve shared with you what I listen to. All but one of the playlists that have been shared have been compiled by myself. I want to know what you listen to while working.

Scroll down to the comments section and share a link to your playlist(s) if you have one. If you loved any of mine, login into your Spotify and follow—I always update my playlist whenever I find more good music.

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