First Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers in the Content Creation Niche

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So you’ve made the big decision to have a swing at becoming a blogger. The next thing you need to do is figure out what you’ll be writing about in the next year and beyond.

It is highly recommended that you go for topics that you’re passionate about or an expert in to be a serious contender in whatever niche you decide to go into.

But if your main goal is to someday make real money in the blogging industry, you don’t have to narrow yourself to a specific field. You can pick on anything and gradually gain experience on it and ultimately become an authority on the same.

Below are blog post ideas in the content creation niche (blogging, YouTube, podcasting). You can also repurpose these topics into a podcast or YouTube video.

If you’re up for the challenge, I’ve curated a list of some hot topics for blogging that you can get started with and eventually build your new blog around. Feel free to use any of them for blogging inspiration.

50 Evergreen Blog Topics to Get You Started

  1. Best SEO practices for new bloggers
  2. How to monetize a free WordPress blog
  3. How to blog on a smartphone
  4. How to add Google Adsense to a WordPress blog
  5. How to edit stock photos for blogging
  6. Freebies to incentivize email subscribers
  7. How to monetize a travel blog
  8. The best podcasts about blogging to listen to
  9. How to post on your blog directly from Google Docs
  10. Best editorial calendar WordPress plugins
  11. Best hosting provider for Joomla
  12. Best free Joomla e-commerce extensions
  13. How to integrate Shopify on Joomla
  14. Video ideas for a new YouTube channel
  15. Unique vlogging ideas for new YouTubers
  16. YouTube content ideas for YouTube
  17. Unique ideas for YouTube Shorts
  18. Free blogging resources to boost your blog
  19. How to grow your blog while working a day job
  20. How to be productive when working from home
  21. How to be productive when bored at home
  22. How to be productive while babysitting
  23. How to be productive while commuting
  24. Can you use LinkedIn for blog post promotion?
  25. Getting traffic to your blog using Quora
  26. How to drive traffic to your blog using Reddit
  27. Do you need to invest in paid SEO tools?
  28. How to find, train and retain paid writers for your blog
  29. How to link an e-commerce page on your blog
  30. How to do keyword research for YouTube
  31. How to run a YouTube channel with a smartphone
  32. Coming up with an effective script for YouTube
  33. Monetizing a YouTube channel with cover songs
  34. Monetizing YouTube channel without ads
  35. How to use YouTube Shorts to grow your channel
  36. How to turn your blog posts into YouTube videos
  37. The difference between YouTube streaming and Facebook streaming
  38. How to monetize videos without YouTube
  39. How to record a podcast on your iPhone
  40. How to convert blog posts into a podcast
  41. How to add a podcast to your blog posts
  42. Do podcasts need keyword research
  43. How to monetize a podcast
  44. Creating the perfect monologue for a podcast
  45. How to create cover art for your podcast
  46. Affordable equipment to start a podcast
  47. How to come up with a script for your podcast
  48. Podcasts topics to talk about
  49. What’s the difference between a podcast and radio?
  50. How to share your podcast on all platforms at once

How I Came Up With These Blog Post Ideas and How to Use Them

The 50 topics I’ve suggested can easily create content for one blog if you’re in the content creation niche.

You can expand further on most of these topics to have more content that could have you occupied for up to a year.

These ideas aren’t random ideas—I did some research before I settled on the topics to share with you. You can feed them into your favorite keyword research tool to improve on them if you like.

If you want to know how to generate writing ideas, you can read my detailed guide on how to come up with killer blog post ideas that I published a while ago.

How Long Can Posts From These Ideas Be?

For any decent writer, churning out at least 2000 words from the suggested topics should be a walk in the park.

And I’m not talking about fluff but relevant and valuable information. With serious research, I know many of you can even double that number.

Remember, detailed and exhaustive posts tend to rank at the top if readers find them helpful.

Also remember, writers or any other type of content creators tend to be avid readers, so reading longers posts shouldn’t be an issue. All you have to do is make your blog posts more interesting.

Include a Story About You or Your Brand

Be sure to add an about page. The page should be as informative as possible. Tell your story in this section if you’re working on a personal brand or a company.

Whenever you get the chance in any of your posts, link back to your about page. If your story is compelling enough, you can get new readers to care about you and be more interested in the content you have for them.

For example, my about page tells my story and the motivation behind this blog. It has earned me a couple of emails from anonymous readers encouraging me to keep on doing what I’m doing.

Where to Find More Blog Post Ideas

Many different bloggers have posted lists such as these on diverse topics. Feel free to check them out and add any deserving ideas to your editorial calendars.

A quick Google search like the one that got you here should do the trick. To get you started, here’s one of my favorite lists from one of my favorite bloggers.

Build Your Blog with These Ideas

Ideation especially when you’re just starting out can be challenging—ten blog posts in and you have no idea what to write next.

I hope that some of my ideas can get you going for a while as you keep picking up more ideas along the way.

Blogging is a challenging venture, and you need all the help you can get. That’s why I wrote this post.

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