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In the next few sentences, I’m going to share some of the YouTubers that I follow – both in the blogging industry and for my personal amusement. The main goal of this post is to help you find the best learning tools to succeed in the blogging industry.

Blogging YouTubers to Follow in 2022

Regardless of proficiency in blogging, it’s an industry where you’ll always keep learning each day. We can learn from personal experiences and the experiences of other bloggers through their blogs or YouTube channels.

Here are some YouTubers I follow who cover the blogging niche that you can learn from either as a budding or an experienced blogger. Let’s go!

If you’re not interested in blogging videos jump here for more general YouTube channels and here for special playlists.

Catherin Manning

Cathrin Manning is what I’d call a small-big YouTuber. She runs a blog called The Content Bug where she talks mainly about branding and digital marketing, alongside blogging and online money-making ventures.

I’m haven’t read much on her blog but I watch her YouTube content regularly. She talks about social media promotion like Instagram and Pinterest, blogging, and various strategies for success on YouTube.

Over time, Cathrin Manning morphed into creating content centered around YouTube channel building. If you have plans of ever transitioning into YouTube, Manning’s channel is one of the best places to get started.


Hassan from H-educate is one of the most honest YouTubers I’ve seen in a long time. He talks about how to go about various online businesses including blogging.

Some of his most valuable resources include how to go about email marketing and getting the most out of Google Adsense for your blog.

I’m not going to give away any spoilers but on H-Educate, you’ll find free resources that are twice as valuable as most of the expensive courses offered by other blogging gurus out there. Head over to his channel and see for yourself!

Income School

If you’ve already started blogging, you are most likely familiar with Income School. It’s from their channel and blog that I got my first blogging knowledge regarding hosting and content writing.

Income School offers some great strategies, especially in regards to creating quality content that ranks. They go into detail about topic research, long-tail keyword research, and content structure.

However, I personally don’t follow their strategies because they never seemed to work for me in my early days. I had to modify them and use knowledge from other bloggers to come up with my own working strategy.

But Income School offers invaluable advice that can be quite handy for budding bloggers. If you’re good at following instructions, you’ll definitely benefit from their free lessons. I don’t know about their blogging courses.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the biggest names in the blogging industry with an almost cult-like following. Both experts and beginners in blogging and digital marketing swear by his strategies and it’s easy to see why.

He has vast experience in the online space and offers great advice on how to get started and thrive in online marketing. His blog has awesome resources that are easy to follow and are supplemented by his YouTube content.

The only concern with Neil Patel is that his strategies are mostly tailored for businesses rather than individual bloggers. They also require significant monetary investment to pull off.

If you’re in lifestyle niches, he may not be of much help. But if you’re working on a blog for your business, he’s the go-to guy.

Non-Blogging YouTubers That I Follow

How Money Works

How Money Works talks about how money works! It explains a wide variety of concepts around money including but not limited to inflations, economics, banking, investing, and GDP among many others.

Watching a couple of videos on How Money Works will open your mind to the financial world with each video teaching you things you probably never had any idea about.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to be in the know on how the financial world works.

Jelle’s Marble Runs

The weirdest channel on this list. It’s like the Olympics but instead of people competing—it’s marbles! Yes. Actual marbles—the ones you used to play with as a kid (I still play with them as an adult—don’t judge me).

I’m not going to give much away. You have to see it for yourself. I guarantee you’ll find yourself binge-watching at least 10 videos in one sitting.

Here’s my favorite video from the channel. Enjoy!

Stories Told

I’m one of the few people who can’t sit through a whole movie. As a result, I can easily count the number of movies I’ve watched in my entire lifetime (less than 50). Yes, I know it’s strange.

But in 2020, I found a way of watching a movie or two in a single day. Summaries. Not the plots written on Wikipedia, but 10-15 minute videos with a narrator giving a quick summary of an entire movie with relevant clips from the movie in the background.

Stories Told is one such channel. I usually watch a video or two every other day. I haven’t watched a full movie ever since I started following this channel. Another channel that also does movie summaries well is Movies Recapped.

I can now easily chip in into movie discussions with friends even if I haven’t really watched the videos in the discussion.

Timcast IRL

Mainstream media is currently a shell of what it used to be and can’t be trusted. For this reason, the only reliable source of news is independent journalists.

Timcast IRL is one of the independent media organizations that I use to stay informed about what’s going on in the United States and the world at large.

The journalists and pundits at Timcast have daily live streams, which are then later available within hours in podcast format.

I listen to them every other day but in podcast format because of timezone differences. Be sure to check them out for a breath of fresh unbiased news.

Breaking Points

Still, on news and journalism, Breaking Points is a channel run by independent journalists (Krystal and Sagaar) who are dedicated to reporting the news as it is.

Like Timcast, they also have a podcast that you can follow on all major podcasting platforms. If you’re skeptical about mainstream media, Breaking Points can be a reliable and unbiased news source.

Spencer Cornelia

Spencer Cornelia’s channel focuses on finance and money with a specialty in the analysis of online ‘money gurus’.

He does a good job in exposing fake financial gurus, pyramid schemes, and any other type of charlatans you can find on the internet, especially on Instagram.

You’ll always find Cornelia’s videos insightful and he gives occasional financial advice that you employ in your life.

Supercar Blondie

I love cars, especially sports cars. Supercar Blondie is one of the few pioneer female content creators centered around fancy cars.

She’s entertaining and always does great reviews of the most popular and little-known supercars. I doubt if I’ll ever own a supercar but it doesn’t cost anything to admire them. Be sure to check her out if you’re a car enthusiast.

Alpha Gaming

Alpha Gaming isn’t really a gaming channel. Hosted by Harris Heller, the channel seeks to teach and give advice on YouTube and Twitch content creation.

If you have plans on getting onto YouTube or Twitch, Harris Heller always has insightful tips which are most valuable if you are in the gaming niche.

Heller also offers free quality music across all genres that you can use on videos or podcasts without worrying about copyright infringements. Check them out on You can also read my piece about StreamBeats to understand how it works.

British Pathe

I love history. British Pathe offers numerous clips of major historical events. You can even find speeches from people like Winston Churchill, and Benito Mussolini, among many other major historical figures from the 20th century.

One of the most interesting clips I’ve seen on the channel is that of early test flights before man managed to get a plane in the skies. You can watch it here.

Living Big in a Tiny House

The tiny house movement has been a big thing in the West in the past few years. It coincides with the minimal living movement.

Living Big in a Tiny House is dedicated to showcasing some of the most amazing tiny house designs mainly in Australia and occasional coverage of other parts of the world.

I don’t think I’ll ever opt for a tiny house, but I always find these videos fascinating. I have a few favorites that I want you to watch.

Learn on YouTube

YouTube can be both a learning and an entertainment tool. If you’re getting started in the blogging industry, the blogging YouTubers I’ve mentioned offer invaluable advice that’ll make you achieve your goals faster if you put in the work.

H-Educate and Income School offer the best lessons for individual bloggers who intend to do all or most of their writing by themselves. Neil Patel would be the best for company blogs that involve hiring a team of writers.

Feel free to try out the other personal YouTube channel recommendations I’ve given you, and let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Brian Abuga is a writer with a specialty in tech and content creation. Before starting this blog, Brian was the founder of TechAvator, a successful tech blog where he still writes.

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