10 Things I’ll Never Blog About

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In my short blogging career, I’ve worked on a wide variety of topics. Over time, I’ve come to have a preference for some topics over others.

I chose some over others for several reasons:

  • Passion
  • Expertise
  • Difficulty
  • Impact on my readers

With that in mind, here are ten topics or niches that I’ve decided to avoid at all costs along with reasons why.

1. Pets

I love animals (not snakes), especially cats. However, I don’t think I can ever commit myself to being responsible for one.

I can barely take care of myself—let alone another living creature! In this regard, I’ll never be in a position to gather enough knowledge and experience to write about pets.

But I do enjoy some of those cute cat and puppy videos on YouTube! 🙂

2. Parenting

I’m not a parent and I’m not even sure if I’ll ever become one. About a decade ago, I got a small sister and had to take care of her most of the time. It was hell!

No, I don’t hate babies, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand those little monsters enough to write anything about them.

It’s also worth noting that parenting experiences aren’t exactly identical if we consider location and the diverse cultures in this world. For instance, African parents have a distinct way of parenting that an American would find strange and vice versa.

However, I’d gladly help whoever becomes a co-parent with me start a blog on parenting. As for me, I’ll never touch on any parenting stuff in my blogging career.

3. Politics

Politics is a very divisive affair. Over the recent past, political differences have gone a notch higher between the rightwing and leftwing factions.

Add cancel culture from both sides to the mix, and you’d easily find yourself in trouble especially if you have some form of following.

I think it’d be safer for me to steer off any form of statements that may appear political for the safety of my online presence.

Also, even if I decided to start discussing politics—I’m no expert and barely understand anything about politics. Lol! (This section might be taken as a political statement by some people)

4. Dating

Do I really have to explain why I’d steer clear of this topic? Personally, I’m clueless when it comes to matters of the heart. There’s no indication of this state of affairs changing anytime soon.

Ha! And if I managed to score myself a partner—it’d most probably be the wrong kind of person! On this topic, I’ll let the Steve Harveys of this world have their day. I’ll stick to blogging about blogging.

5. Nutrition

I find it hard to remember the last time I had a balanced diet. All I can remember is every potion of food I take is always missing an essential nutrient.

Oh! And I think I skip a meal or two every other day! What authority would I have to talk about anything related to healthy diets?

Also, I think nutrition advice needs some form of expertise—not self-taught knowledge. I’d rather trust certified nutritionists and chefs in this niche.

6. Fitness

Poor nutrition translates to poor fitness—and I mentioned having a dodgy eating habit, which means my fitness has to be at the red levels.

Even if I ever achieve the level of fitness that I desire, I still think this is a field that only qualified experts should dig into. The best I can do is share my transformation journey (if I ever have a successful one).

Otherwise, I’ll stick to procrastinating starting working out as I binge-watch David Goggin’s videos hopping for a miraculous inspiration to get off my a**.

7. Personal Finance

First, I’m yet to achieve any of my personal financial goals—getting out of debt, etc. Second, people are different and have their own priorities and goals.

I’ll be in no position to advise anyone on how to manage their money. My focus should be on setting my personal finances in order.

Even if I become a billionaire (I heard manifestation works), I’ll never put myself in a position of talking to people about money.

The closest thing that I’ll ever write or talk about related to personal finance is sharing my income reports on this blog and how I manage my own money.

8. Mental Health

Another topic that requires highly-trained professionals to handle. I think mental health is vast and people handle it differently.

Also considering the fact that life and death situations can arise in this kind of issue is the perfect reason to avoid it at all costs.

9. Designer Stuff

First, I practice frugal living. I usually put on whatever I can find or feel comfortable in – be it clothing, gadgets, etc.

For this reason, I don’t think I’ll ever own designer stuff even when I can afford it. I just love simplicity. You can see why I’ll never be in a position to write about designer stuff. If I did, I’d be lying to my readers.

However, I enjoy watching supercar reviews and listening to their crackling engine sounds!

10. Celebrities

Celebrity stories and gossip would be a very uncomfortable topic because it involves scrutinizing another person’s life. You never know how your opinions or facts about these people might affect them.

I must admit, in my freelancing days, I did write a couple of articles about celebrities and it never felt right—as much as I tried my best to get the most accurate information in my research. I’m never doing it again.

I’d rather write about myself because I’ll be 100 percent sure of what I’m writing and would never get anything wrong about myself.

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

William James

Wrapping Up

The list above includes most of the things that I’ve told myself to avoid. It doesn’t mean that they are bad ideas but I think they come with a responsibility that I’m not ready to bear at the moment.

I might change my views on these topics in the future but that’s unlikely.

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